Swedish brand Vitamin Well has developed a drink formula based on spring water enriched with vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and plant and fruit extracts as a healthy alternative to juices.


Thanks to its composition, Vitamin Well drinks have a positive effect on muscle function, nervous system and energy production. For this reason, Vitamin Well is a favourite choice among athletes and people who care about health, hydration and calorie intake. The product range itself contains numerous combinations of flavors and vitamins to meet the specific needs of consumers.


We were given the task of taking care of brand promotion, its appearance and presence social networks. Our visuals and photographs communicate the impact of health on quality of life, the importance of hydration and the benefits of the product itself. The emphasis is on sports and recreational activities, a break from obligations and the elimination of stress.


Vitamin Well flavors available in Croatia are Reload, Celebrate, Hydrate, Antioxidant, Defense and Upgrade.