Client: Ledo
Year: 2019


We wanted to bring Quattro ice cream closer to a wider consumer group with a focus on young families and middle-aged people.

The Quattro brand has been present on the market since 2006 and during this time has been recognised as a high quality product indispensable in every household, while a wide range of flavors guarantees the satisfaction of even the most demanding ice cream lover.

Quattrology is designed as a kind of encyclopedia for Quattro ice cream, where users can find out all about Quattro ice cream, flavors and find their ideal flavor combination.

20 Instagram profiles

15 videos

…choose your flavour

We’ve come up with an easy-to-use navigation method where, with a preference of choice where customers come up with the ideal combination of ice cream flavours in the form of a Quattro ice cream type.

This was also a unique concept that included 20 interconnected Instagram profiles.

Each of the profiles containing your ideal choice of Quattro ice cream also includes a short video up to 15 seconds long with some of the everyday situations common for each household. Every video was followed with a unique slogan.

Quattro Rhapsody
Quattro Americano
Quattro Dream
Quattro Chocomania
Quatttro Joy
Quattro Banana Split
Quattro Romance
Quattro Fantasy
Quattro Classic