CLIENT: Nutribullet (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia)
CASE STUDY: Launch Campaign – Nutribullet Portable
YEAR: 2024

Challenge: To present the nutribullet Portable Blender to the local and regional market. The campaign launch should be digital, but include OOH elements, PR plus the central live event.


The emphasis of the product should be on the nutribullet lifestyle, meaning health, nutritious food and working out. Our target audience is the one sharing the values listed above.

Our idea went with a digital campaign that sparked great interest on social media, utilized Google Ads to drive traffic to the online store, and our PR was an attractive incentive for the relevant media scene, further improving the brand awareness.


The central live event was a complete success, as it covered all the angles that the client had in mind, and even went above & beyond in that regard. We employed a top Croatian coach/influencer Suzana Štimac to hold a session on a gym rooftop, combining it with the product output: healthy, delicious and visually appealing smoothies. We also added healthy Good Food finger food to the mix.


Paired with top local influencers and a DJ, the event was not only a product launch, but a party in its own right. The aim was to create the feeling of a movement rather than a plain corporate platform.


A workshop, educational session, tasting and showing how the blender works – these activities were all included in the event.