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A project that brought a smile to our faces with the first sentence of the brief and aroused a feeling of nostalgia for some past, simpler times, when happiness was defined by small things.

It is for this reason that Ledo provided its consumers with a retro contest, a kind of survey by which participants could give their vote to one of the three popular ice creams that have long adorned Ledo ice cream chests but their taste is still remembered.

The mechanism of the retro campaign itself was conceived as a landing page where visitors left their votes for their favorite ice cream. Visitors chose between Njofra, Bubi and Top Mix ice cream. The victory was convincingly taken by Bubi, which was placed into production and will soon become available within Ledo ice cream chests throughout Croatia.

The campaign was accompanied by visuals that occupied the attention of users on social networks due to the striking retro aesthetics.