KTC Križevački trgovački centar Social 2020.

KTC is primarily a retail market chain and has 28 supermarkets, 3 hypermarkets, and a number of specialized stores in 25 Croatian cities. In addition to retail, most locations include farm pharmacies, a garden center, gas stations and a number of restaurants across the country.


Our task was to standardize communication and create visuals for Instagram and Facebook.


In accordance with the given guidelines we have set a visual standard that corresponds to the already present tone of communication towards the consumer. It was necessary to create a clear distinction between certain segments of the range and types of posts with a focus on special promotions, activations and holidays.

Communication was based on Instagram and Facebook.


While Instagram was more interactive and consumer-oriented,
Facebook was focused on promoting special offers and products
from the KTC catalogue.

Below you can also find agency proposals for TVC.