Kralj ljeta / Kralj užitka

Client: Ledo
Year: 2019

Ledo King ice cream is by all researches the highest quality and best selling Croatian ice cream on a stick

Ledo King sladoled je po svim istraživanjima najkvalitetniji i najprodavaniji hrvatski sladoled na štapiću.

We wanted to bring the King brand closer to a broader audience, primarily the younger, technologically aware generations, who perceive it as ice cream that is beyond their means of payment and which, to date, does not correlate with their sphere of interest.

We have formed the campaign into two segments, the TEASER and the REVEAL phase.

King Of Summer


On June 1st, an Instagram profile was launched named King of the Summer, where we posted visuals each day with text puzzles and an invitation to leave comments as a form of interactive content. All the visuals contained the contour of the King ice cream stick. We didn’t want the solution to be obvious, so we distracted our followers with suggestive text.

The teaser phase of the campaign lasted for two weeks. Each visual was followed with the countdown until the reveal phase.


Each Instagram puzzle took up 6 fields with an additional 3 as a countdown for the reamaing days until the reveal phase, thus forming a square. Also, each of the squares had a specific color coding to separate the content by day and create a specific rhythm.

The visuals were accompanied by Instagram stories inviting users to visit the profile and leave a comment.


Immediately before the REVEAL phase of the campaign, Instagram influencers were sent King of the Summer branded gift packs with sand and small fans, with the puzzle “He is not afraid of the heat, his fate is fitting. Who is it? ” and an invitation to share the content on their Instagram profiles.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Kralj Of Pleasure


The reveal phase of the campaign consists of five 15-second videos posted on a profile that was renamed from King of Summer to King of pleasure.

The reason for the 15 second duration was to limit the duration of the Instagram story.

We posted videos periodically, every 7 days, to give users enough time to engage with the posted content

As protagonists, we have used some of the leading YouTube and Instagram influencers with an enviable number of target age followers;

Main goal behind the campaign is to inspire people to be who they are, to relax and enjoy the moment not getting overwhelmed by trends. 

As an inspiration, we have used countless Instagram profiles that are carefully constructed to send an ideal but fake version of reality to the public. 

King is not fake, King is not a trend, King is a moment to relax and enjoy, be who you are, don’t care about trends. 

We have place the protagonists in carefully measured, humorous situations specific to our region that we can all identify with.

Ema Luketin
Instagram: 130.000 followers
You Tube: 76.584 subscribers

Matija Lazarević / Layz_yt
Instagram: 257.000 followers
You Tube: 370.488 subscribers

In addition to the videos, we also launched two contests in which participants could win King beach inflatables and 100 ice creams.

In order to win the inflatables, users had to follow the profile, like the photo and tag up to 10 friends who would like to win a King inflatable.

To win 100 ice creams, participants had to take a selfie with King ice cream just like the protagonists in the posted videos.

Influencers who posted the content of the surprise gift box on their profiles have been provided with a new gift pack containing King ice creams and beach inflatable. Gift packs soon went viral as influencers shared the photos and videos via Instagram story.