Ice Cream King by Maximo / Ledo

Client: Ledo
Year: 2020.
Digital campaign / social media key visuals and videos

Ledo, as the largest domestic producer of industrial ice cream, and at the same time as the largest distributor of frozen food, is constantly working on improving its products and developing its portfolio.


One of the biggest and most important Ledo brands is certainly King. For many years, King has been present on the domestic and foreign markets in ice cream stick formats. This year, it also appeared on the market as a version of ice cream in cups. In order to continue to show that it follows and listens to the market, King ice cream decided to expand its formats, and in July 2020 the launch of a new format – KING cones – is planned.


In an interesting and creative way, show the transformation of the existing Ledo Maximo ice cream into a King cone.
With an identical composition of products, the same high level of quality show a change in the very name that is already there recognized among a wider audience.


In addition to presenting the benefits of the product itself, as well as its quality, it is necessary to create new brand awareness among existing and new users and show them that Maximo ice cream now comes in the same composition as the new packaging with a new name – KING by Maximo.


In accordance with the aforementioned Insight and the challenge that must show a clear communication of the transformation of the existing Maximo ice cream into a King cone, the summer moment of heat and enjoying chilled moments was used as the main element of the change presentation. The fan as an ideal cooler, but also a product that removes everything unnecessary on hot days, thus removed the current Maximo ice cream and turned it into a new one



The animation itself is conceived as a series of 3 video ads, each of which has a supporting element of color that matches the tastes. Shown the performance part
would be through a simple 2D view of the product