In Excelsis hotel

Client: In Excelsis hotel
Year: 2019.

In Excelsis is a newly built 4-star hotel in Novalja on the island of Pag. It stands out with its design, location and luxury it offers to its visitors.


Positioned on a hill overlooking the island of Pag, the town of Novalja and the open sea of the Adriatic, the hotel hovers the landscape like a bird.

When designing the visual identity, we used recognazable elements specific to the island of Pag and the surrounding region as inspiration.

In accordance with its architecture, interior and recent trends in hotel branding, we strived for minimalism and recognizability with the aim of creating a visual identity that will communicate a clear message and represent the hotel In Excelsis with dignity.

Design of the website is inspired by the architecture of the hotel, geometric shapes and contours. We strived for simplicity implementing Mediterranean details and the characteristic of the island of Pag.