Fun Park Biograd / Mirnovec

Client: Fun park Biograd
Year: 2020.

Fun Park Biograd is the largest theme fun park in Croatia, located near Biograd na Moru and offering a spectacular entertainment experience for the whole family.

We took over the management of the Park with emphasis on marketing and various promotional activities. We started with setting up the new visual approach, from digital platforms to variety of printed materials.

Management aspect included a lot of hard work and creativity, from various operations, new attractions, activations and themed events taking place at the Fun Park.

We reached out to some of the most notable influencers in the region who visited Fun Park on several occasions, created entertaining content and invited their audience to visit Fun Park. It was imperative to make ourselves more present and visible on social networks, so we organised numerous shootings within the Fun Park, these activities included photoshoots, vlogs, videos, stories… Every weekend, we organised a theme event with special guests; musical performers, dancers, influencers…

Our efforts were successfull and we drastically raised the number of visitors (even with the numerous restrictive measures due to Covid virus), engagment and visibility on digital platforms.

We took upon this challenge during these hard times because we knew we could make a change. Improve the business strategy and attract visitors.