/ Fast Forward HBC Adria

Client: Coca Cola
Year: 2020.

The Coca-Cola Fast Forward is one of Coca-Cola’s biggest annual events. Fast Forward 2020, which took place in Šibenik, was a meeting of Adria commercial teams with aim to present a business plan for further growth and development and of course, served as an excellent opportunity to get to know each other through fun activites and activations. Our task was to adjust the visual identity and design accompanying content in the form of presentation booths and various on-site activations for wide range of Coca-Cola products.

Fast Forward logo re-design

Euro Booth

Participate in the challenge and become the best scorer of Adria Commercial Kick-off Šibenik 2020!


We designed the activation inspired by the second most important thing in the world-football.


Each competitor had 5 attempts to get the football through one of the openings on the back wall.


The openings carried a certain amount of points awarded by difficulty, while some of the openings had instructions that posed additional challenges to the competitors. The best competitors were awarded symbolic prizes.


Fanta Booth

Coca-Cola has launched a new product that coincidentally aligned with the launch of new product, Fanta WTF / #WhatTheFanta.


Inspired by the product slogan “SOLVE THE MYSTERY” campaign, we designed a game that evokes a competitive spirit and impresses with the use of innovative technology.


Two contestants via iPad aimed their ball through the maze trying to reach the centre before the oponent.


The skill and speed of the competitors were measured with a stopwatch. The most successful competitors were awarded symbolic prizes.

Opposite the booth we mounted a board on which the participants tried to guess taste of Fanta WTF.

Aquarius Booth

Aquarius stand was envisioned as a “battlefield” for competitors followed by accompanying activations.


With branded messages, we promoted the advantage of daily consumption of Aquarius water.


We created a game for interactive displays. Each competitor tried to score as many points as possible by collecting the vitamins and minerals found in Aquarius water.

Also, a green photo screen was placed in the booth where visitors were able to take a photo with the branded filter applied.

Stamp “I am a Loser”

Costa Booth

The Costa Coffee booth is designed as a kind of gathering place, spending time in a pleasant company. 


The booth was made out of wooden panels with centered logo made in plexiglass. 


Two coffee makers were placed on the branded counter, while the counter served as a place to store and hide the elements.