CLIENT: Bernays University, Zagreb, Croatia
CASE STUDY: Bernays’ 10th Anniversary Logo and Visual Identity
YEAR: 2023


To create a professional and modern branding for Bernays’ 10th anniversary logo that would reflect the University’s commitment to education without boundaries.


We decided to go with a simple, but elegant design that carries the “#10 YEARS of Learning Without Boundaries” claim.
The open end of the square in the logo symbolizes Bernays’ commitment to continuous learning and growth. While the corporate blue color of the logo is associated with stability, trust, and confidence, it is also a calming color – a powerful identifier of an educational institution.

Our logo was the base for a variety of corporate stationery, including paper bags, folders, and business cards. The stationery is blue with a glossy UV varnish onthe claim and a silver foil logo.


The logo we provided effectively reflected Bernays’ commitment to education without boundaries. It is no wonder that It was instantly well-received by the employees, students, and the media. It also helped to increase brand loyalty and student engagement.

The end result is a classic example of how to create a professional and modern branding for a company’s 10th anniversary.