Agape Villas

Client: Agape Villas
Year: 2019.


Agape Villas is a chain of luxury villas across the Croatian coast.

greek Agape
– “the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God”

While designing the visual identity, we have used distinctive Mediterranean elements as inspiration.

Following the recent trends in branding, we strived for minimalism and distinctive appearance with the aim of creating a visual identity that communicates a clear message worthy of Agape Villas standards.

Luxury accommodation that captivates with contemporary design.

An ideal place for any guest who appreciates comfort but also has
exquisite aesthetics sensibility. Symbiosis of contemporary architecture and tradition.

Final version of logo was created by interpreting the meaning of the word agape, whose symbol was incorporated in the stylization of the emblem.

Strong serif typography gives the impression of luxury and prestige. As such, the emblem symbolizes unity and harmony, in addition to the symbol of love, it also contains a simplified representation of an olive leaf, a stylized representation of the sun, and the shape and structure of lace, the characteristic elements of the Mediterranean region.