Rinzol is a creative full service agency founded in 2017.

In the first few years of our existence, we achieved credibility with successful and innovative projects and formed professional teams with many years of experience working in some of the most famous marketing agencies. The professionalism and ability of our employees come to the fore through teamwork and the effort to provide our clients with creative content that pushes the boundaries.

Rinzol is one of the fastest growing agencies in the region, which is the product of numerous campaigns that left a mark and showed top results.

Our work has been recognized by some of the leading companies such as: Xiaomi, Obala Grupa, DeLonghi Group, Ledo Hrvatska, Coca-Cola Hellenic and Coca-Cola Company, KTC Shopping centar, Triglav osiguranje, Henkel, Mirnovec Pirotehnika, Wolt, Westgate, etc.

We strive to be different, and our expertise is confirmed by the successes of our clients. Put your trust in us and we’ll show you the results.

Give us a chance, we’ll show you the results!

ATL & BTL Advertising

Creativity adapted to your needs. Make your brand visible and stand out from the competition. We know how to attract attention, create interesting, attractive campaigns and intrigue consumers. We’ve done it countless times, so give us a chance to do it one more time.

Digital Advertising

Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time. Make your brand present and striking.

Social Media Marketing

Use the possibilities of social media to promote products or services. Encourage interactions and build relationships. Take control with direct insight into every campaign segment. We cooperate with the most famous influencers in the region and guarantee you successful results.


Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. We give you voice and attitude.

Video production

The moving image is a powerful tool, regardless of the platform. We offer the best of video production – strong concepts and a professional approach.


Stand out. Be different. Push the boundaries. Building an image is not an easy task. Let us help you build your brand image.


Packaging is the outfit of your product. We know how to dress it well. We follow trends and know the market, so we know how to stand out.

Web development

Your website must be attractive, functional, transparent and easy to use. Nobody likes complicated things. Our designers often give developers headaches in order to create the most unique and creative interface.

Mobile apps

We use the technology of tomorrow – today. We follow trends and development of various technologies. Apps are a great way to interact with the target audience, especially the younger generations. Our team of designers works closely with the developers, which in a certain way represents the symbiosis of two drastically different entities.

Event managment

Whether it’s a corporate event or a party, you can rely on us. We work with some of the best restaurateurs, scenographers, sound and light technicians. We know how to please every client and create an ideal experience.

Creativity tailored according to your need. Make your brand visible, make it stand out. We know how to grab the attention, create interesting and engaging campaigns, intrigue the consumers. We did it so many times, let us do it all over again.

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Make your brand more visible and appealing.

Use social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Create interaction and build relationships, be present. Take control with complete insight. We collaborate with some of the most notable influencers in the region, targeting all interest groups, age range and specialised in promoting wide range of brands and products. 

Say the right words at the right time to right audience. We can give you voice and the words. We can give you attitude.

Moving image is a powerful tool, no matter the platform. We offer the best of video production, strong concepts and professional cast. We just make it work by working hard.

Stand out. Be different. Be contemporary. We can help you build the image of your brand. Image is not easy to build.

Think of it as outfit for you product. We know how to dress up. We know everything about the materials and patterns, we know how to make it pop…discreetely.

Your website needs to work. It needs to be beautiful but simple, user friendly. No one likes complicated things. We create websites according to your need and preference but we also make it functional.

We use technology of tomorrow, today. Apps are a great way to reach and interact with targeted audience. We stay on top of trends and development within the field. Our team of designers throws designs at programers and they just make it work.

No matter the ocassion, corporate event or a party, have no worries, we will make the best of it. Collaborating with some of the best caterers, scenographers, sound and light technician etc. We know how to create a perfect setting and a great experience.



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